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NuVo Integrates Wireless Audio With Home-Control Systems

Hebron, Ky. — NuVo is tightening the integration of its wireless multi-room audio system with third-party home-control systems.

 The company has released an API (application programming interface) that lets dealers set up their home-automation control programs to operate the functions of NuVo’s Wireless Audio System, including source and zone selection, queue editing, volume control for all zones, treble and bass, and the like.

 The NuVo system features Wi-Fi-equipped amplified zone players that stream Internet radio sources, music stored on networked PCs and network-attached storage drives, on USB hard drives and USB sticks plugged into a zone player, and on Bluetooth-equipped devices. The zone players can also be controlled from Android and iOS apps developed by NuVo.

In another development, NuVo upgraded its iOS and Android apps so they can be used as apps within the Android and iOS home-control apps available from Crestron, Bitwise, AMX and other home-automation companies. With the update, consumers won’t have to exit a home-control app to use the NuVo app and then relaunch the home-control app to use that app again, the company said. The NuVo app will run within a Crestron app, NuVo explained, and the user will see the menus and graphics for the NuVo app. When users exit the NuVo app, they will return directly to the Crestron app at the point at which they left it.

“In many cases, dealers need to be able to integrate multiple makers’ products under a unified control system to deliver a fully customized solution that exceeds their customers’ expectations,” said NuVo VP/general manager David Rodarte. “These measures will help make our Wireless Audio System the installer’s first choice for wireless home audio,” he claimed.