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NuVo Adds To Multiroom-Audio Line

Hebron, Ky. – NuVo is adding to its selection of multiroom-audio components.

The new arrivals include a three-zone networked amp/switcher that adds networked audio sources, Internet music services, and other audio sources to installed multiroom-audio systems.

The P3500 amp/switcher, shipping Dec. 16, distributes music from Ethernet-connected PCs and NAS drives, Internet music sources such as TuneIn and Pandora, connected USB hard drives and USB sticks, and analog-input sources over speaker cable to in-ceiling, in-wall, and in-room speakers. The P3500 Player’s amplifier section delivers up to 200 watts of power per zone.

The new component joins an existing P3100 Player that delivers up to 40 watts into each of three zones.

NuVo and third-party manufacturers provide software drivers to integrate the two players into other-brand custom-installed multiroom-audio control systems.

P3500 pricing was unavailable, but the P3100 was launched in late 2012 at $1,499.

When connected to the NuVo G100 Wi-Fi Gateway, which connects to a home router, the P3500 and P3100 can be integrated with NuVo’s tabletop Wi-Fi-receiver/amplifiers, or zone amps, to create a multiroom-audio system with a mix of wired and wireless zones. The wireless gateway dedicates Wi-Fi bandwidth to the wireless zone players, which can be controlled from iOS and Android apps.

The Wi-Fi-equipped amplified zone players also stream Internet music sources, music stored on networked PCs and network-attached storage drives, music stored on USB hard drives and USB sticks plugged into a zone player, and music stored on Bluetooth-equipped devices. Content streamed via Bluetooth directly to the Wi-Fi zone players can also be directed over Wi-Fi to other zone players.