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NuVo Adds iOS Devices As Wireless Multizone Audio Sources

Hebron, Ky. — NuVo Technologies has upgraded its wireless multizone audio system to use iOS mobile devices as music sources.

The company added a new feature to its system-control app for iOS devices, enabling the Apple smartphone or tablet to stream audio content via Wi-Fi to the NuVo system. A firmware update is also needed for the system’s wireless zone amps.

With the upgrades, “in addition to playing music from supported Internet streaming services and content stored on their network, users can also access content residing locally on their iOS device,” said Fritz Werder, VP/general manager of Legrand’s NuVo and On-Q product lines.

The company also plans to add the feature to its Android control app, but a delivery date hasn’t been set, a spokesperson said.

The NuVo system features Wi-Fi-equipped amplified zone players that stream Internet radio sources, music stored on networked PCs and network-attached storage drives, and music stored on USB hard drives and USB sticks plugged into a zone player. The zone players also feature Bluetooth to stream to one zone player at a time.

When the updated app is used in a NuVo system, each iPhone or iPad becomes another audio source accessible from within the app, and music stored on the iOS device can be played in any zone in the system. As many as 16 streams can be accessed simultaneously.

The app will work on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 or later.