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NuVision To Add LED DLP TV Line

Flat-panel television vendor NuVision, based here, recently announced that it is preparing to deliver a high-definition DLP rear-projection TV line based on a proprietary LED light engine.

The company showed a prototype 52W-inch model at the recent 2006 Electronic House Expo, featuring 1,080p resolution with high contrast and brightness levels.

NuVision said it plans to ship its “Deep Black LED DLP” line with a 52W-inch model, possibly this summer. A 58W-inch model will follow at a time to be announced.

The company’s Deep Black LED rear-projection sets will utilize individual red, green and blue super-bright LEDs to replace conventional lamps and color wheels. The LED’s light output is controlled through a proprietary Digital Switching Deep Black (DSDB) system, which produces deeper blacks by precisely controlling the LED output during dark scenes, instead of depending on the DLP chip to close off light to produce blacks, as most lamp-based DLP sets do.

The technology is said to offer a wider color gamut resulting in deeper colors exceeding NTSC color gamut specifications.

Adjustable white point and color optimization is also said to provide “a new level of gray scale and color precision never before available.”

Other benefits of using an LED light source are: elimination of visible rainbow patterns caused by a color wheel, longer life, instant on/off operation, low voltage requirements, and high brightness and contrast performance.

Scott Deley, NuVision CEO, said that so far, brightness levels have exceeded 500 nits and contrast ratios are in excess of 3,000:1, although final specs have not yet been established.

Deley said the company designed the set with heavy emphasis on cosmetics. It features a one-piece design with a 14-inch deep cabinet and understated frame, tailored for a “strong wife acceptance factor” in custom installations.

NuVision said it plans to distribute the DLP line through the CEDIA custom install channel and high-end A/V specialty retailers. The company works with the EDGE Group on distribution.

Although some other companies said they expect the micro-display rear projection segment to peak next year, Deley said NuVision is counting on the popularity of 1,080p reinvigorating the category over the next several years.

The company also offers a line of LCD TVs to the custom/specialty A/V channel. Current screen sizes include 20 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches, 32 inches and 37 inches. A new line of bigger-screen LCD panels is planned for a CEDIA Show launch, Deley said. The company is working on a number of new LCD technologies including new approaches to backlighting, he added.

In other news, NuVision said it has received equity funding, and strategic planning and development assistance from Mitsui Comtek, a Japan-based multinational trading firm.

The investment firm has helped launch a number of advanced display technologies into the consumer IT and CE markets through various strategic partnerships. Prior investments have included Gateway 2000, Nanosolar and SiRF.

“NuVision has been successful during the first year of its existence developing and marketing its initial LCD product line,” said David Kaltsas, Mitsui Comtek’s general manager. “More importantly, NuVision has created a solid branding platform and an attractive business strategy targeting the A/V Specialty/CEDIA segment, which we believe has great long term potential to thrive in today’s exploding HDTV marketplace. Mitsui intends to assist NuVision to gain greater market share with the right strategic alliances and business development assistance. We expect to help further NuVision’s initiatives well into the future.”

Deley said: “NuVision is excited about the opportunity for this investment funding and the ability to leverage the Mitsui global network, enabling us to access exciting new technologies and products in a manner not normally available to start-up companies. This dramatically accelerates our market potential.”