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NPD: 3-D At Home Interests 17% Of U.S. Consumers

Port Washington, N.Y. — A recent survey on U.S. consumer interest in 3-D entertainment conducted by The NPD Group found that 17 percent, which the group calls “significant,” would be interested in watching 3-D movies, like the current box-office hit “Up,” in their homes.

“As they encounter new methods of watching movies and new film technologies, home-video aficionados will begin to expect the same experience in-home as in the theater, not unlike the evolution of surround sound,” stated Russ Crupnick, NPD entertainment industry analyst. “Although usage and interest in some of these formats is low today, we expect they will grow as the technology improves — and as consumers become more familiar with the latest available options.”

According to NPD’s “Entertainment Trends in America” consumer tracking studies, other movie choices that were popular with home video users were as follows:

•          video-on-demand available on TV the same day it’s released on disc (24 percent);

•          a DVD or Blu-ray disc with a digital file of the movie/TV show that can be viewed on a portable device or computer (14 percent);

•          a paid digital download that can be burned to a DVD for personal viewing (14 percent);

•          watching an advertising-supported movie on a social-networking site for free (12 percent);

•          downloading a movie through a video game console (8 percent); and

•          downloading or streaming a video to watch on a mobile phone or smartphone (4 percent).

Further details are available in the “Entertainment Trends in America” consumer tracking reports, available for purchase at the market research firm’s Web site.