Norton Intros Free Game Console, Smartphone Protection

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New York - Symantec has launched a new free service called Norton Everywhere.

Norton Everywhere is designed to give basic security protection to Web-connected devices without the need to install onboard security, said Dan Nadir, Symantec's product management director. These products primarily include non-PC items like game consoles and smartphones.

"It covers devices we would not normally write software for, like the Wii or iPad," he said.

The service is three-tiered and is not limited to those using other Norton products. They will be available for download from

in June.

The first is segment is called Norton DNS. Norton has put online its own DNS servers that users can directly connect to, Nadir said. The primary job of Norton DNS is to protect users from phishing scams. It compares an email's contents to its database of known scams and then notifies the user if there is a potential danger.

The customer also benefits by receiving faster Internet access because the Norton servers are better maintained, Nadir claimed.

For mobile devices there is Norton Smartphone -- a series of apps for Android phones that do not protect against outside threats, but allow the phone's owner to lock wipe the data if the phone is ever lost. Another app will check the apps on the phone against a list of apps maintained by Norton and warn the user if the app is malicious in any way.

"We've focused on the Android because it is a more open platform and has a very high growth potential," Nadir said.

Another service, Norton DNS for Android, will protect a phone when it connects to the Web via Wi-Fi, in the same manner Norton DNS protects a home's computer.


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