Nokia Wants To Rebuild Share In U.S.

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— Nokia wants to rebuild its market share in the U.S. and has been developing handsets focused on this country with a dedicated R&D facility in the U.S., said Colin Giles, senior VP and global head of sales.

Although those handsets haven’t reached the market yet, other handsets on the U.S. market have already “prioritized a number of U.S. requirements” to help gain carrier sell-in, including stricter RF requirements, carriers’ general network requirements, and user-interface requirements, he said.

Speaking here via conference call to the U.S. press from the two-day Nokia World event last week, Giles admitted that the “stumbling block” that held back U.S. share had been “a lack of understanding of the U.S. market,” including such things as RF requirements. The company, he admitted, had been “building products for the global market, but they weren’t tailored well enough for the U.S.”

Now, a U.S.-based R&D facility is designing U.S.-specific products, taking into account operator requirements “very early in the R&D process,” he said without saying when the phones would be available.


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