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Nokia Files New Patent-Infringement Complaints

Espoo, Finland –
Nokia stepped up its involvement in the wireless industry’s patent-infringement
wars by filing claims in the United States and Germany against HTC, RIM and

Nokia alleges the
companies infringe on a combined total of 45 patents.

In 2009, the
company filed complaints against Apple before the ITC and a federal court. That suit has been settled.

In its latest
salvo, Nokia filed a complaint against HTC before the U.S. International Trade
Commission (ITC), lawsuits against HTC and Viewsonic in a U.S. federal district
court, suits against HTC and RIM in a German court, and suits against all three
companies in other German courts.

 The patents include technologies used in dual-function
antennas, power management, and multimode radios. Other patents cover enhanced
software features for application stores, multitasking, navigation,
conversational message display, dynamic menus, data encryption and retrieval of
email attachments on a mobile device.