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Nokia Adds WiMAX To Internet Tablet

Las Vegas — Nokia comes to CTIA 2008 to launch a WiMAX-equipped version of its Wi-Fi-equipped N810 Internet Tablet, which continues to incorporate Wi-Fi and will hand off seamlessly from Wi-Fi to Sprint’s 2.5GHz XOHM Mobile-WiMAX network during an Internet session.

It’s due in the summer at a price that wasn’t available at press time. The Wi-Fi-only version retails for about $479.

The Linux-based device, like its Wi-Fi version, offers a 4.12-inch wide touchscreen with virtual keyboard, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, and Web 2.0-compatible Mozilla-based browser with Flash9 playback. It also features Skype Internet calling, access to the Rhapsody and Yahoo!Music streaming audio services, instant messaging services, an integrated VGA Web camera, embedded stereo speakers, Bluetooth for accessing the Web via cellphone, music and video player 2GB embedded memory, and slots for miniSD and microSD cards, including SDHC cards up to 8GB.

It also features GPS, built-in maps for turn-by-turn route guidance, and optional Nokia-offered Wayfinder service, which for $129/year adds voice-guidance to the unit’s turn-by-turn route guidance for car, pedestrian and bicycle routes. The option is available as a download via Wi-Fi, WiMAX or Bluetooth.

With embedded UPnP, the device can be automatically recognized by other UPnP-equipped devices on a Wi-Fi network for easy transfer of PC-based media.