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No 4G For Apple iPhone 4S

Calif. – Consumers and retailers will have to wait for a 4G-equipped iPhone 5.

today launched a 3G-equipped iPhone 4S, which goes to AT&T, Sprint and
Verizon and will be available Oct. 14 in the U.S. in three memory capacities
compared with its predecessors’ two capacities. The 16GB version goes for $199,
as did its predecessor, with the 32GB model going at $299 like its predecessor
and the new capacity of 64GB going for $399.

current iPhone 4 will also be available for just $99.

company also repriced the 8GB version of its iPhone 3GS for free with

iPhone 4S gets a dual-core 1GHz processor compared with its predecessor’s
single-core 1GHz processor, and a personal
assistant feature that lets users use their voice to control apps and features,
do voice searches, and hear messages read aloud.

upgrades include an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, compared with its
predecessor’s 5 megapixels, and the camera adds face detection and 26 percent
better white balance, the company said.

launch, occurring 10 years after the first iPod was launched,  marks the first time that a new iPhone has
been launched with more than one carrier, the iPhone 4 having been launched
first at AT&T and then in January 2011 at Verizon.

iPhone 4S features Apple’s new iOS5 OS, which has more than 200 changes
compared with iOS 4. It also integrates with the company’s new iCloud service,
which becomes available Oct. 12 to wirelessly push newly created or downloaded
content from one iOS-based mobile device to a user’s other iOS devices and to
their Macs and PCs. The content includes apps, pictures and videos as well as
documents created in iWorks on Apple’s mobile devices.

The free iCloud service also
automatically syncs contacts, calendar updates and email updates among multiple
devices via cellular and Wi-Fi. Via Wi-Fi, devices will also automatically back
up their content once per day to the Cloud.

The service also let users buy an
app, song or e-book from the iTunes store and automatically push it from the Cloud
to a total of 10 iOS devices. Also with the service, users can manually upload
all their ripped songs to the Cloud to synchronize them via Wi-Fi with all
their iOS devices, or they can pay $29.99/year for an iTunes Match service that
will scan the songs on a device, match them to iTunes’s 18 million songs, and
push higher-quality versions of the songs to multiple iOS5 devices.

Also to cut a mobile device’s
connections to the PC, iPhone purchasers won’t have to connect their iPhone to
a PC to activate it, and they’ll be able to download iPhone software updates
over the air. iOS users will also be able create calendars and mailboxes right
from their mobile device.

In another major change with
iOS5, Apple created its own messaging service to let iOS5 users send encrypted
text, picture and video messages via Wi-Fi or cellular to all other iOS5 users,
even those using an iPad or iPod Touch.

Those are among the more than 200
changes that Apple announced for its iOS here at its worldwide developers
conference, where CEO Steve Jobs took a leave from medical leave to announce
the iCloud services.