NME Deal Aims At VMD Production


London, England — New Medium Enterprises said it has entered into a binding agreement with VDL-ODMS, an optical replication plant design and manufacturing company, to design and build NME’s production lines for “multilayer discs of the future.”

New Medium Enterprises has developed what it calls “a low-cost, true high-definition solution utilizing red-laser DVD technology and its industrial infrastructure.”

The platform, called Versatile Multilayer Discs (VMD), employs a multi-layer optical technology to fit high-definition data onto a DVD-sized optical disc.

The VMD platform will support 1,920 by 1,080i/p HD content at a 40Mbps bit rate for playback using its 20GB to 40GB red-laser optical discs.

VMD players and burners — both stand-alone and installed in PCs — are backward compatible with DVDs and CDs.

New Medium said that VMD “is the only low-cost, high-end offering to the discerning consumer comparable to contemporary DVD market prices.”

VDL-ODMS, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is a supplier of optical media replication equipment and processes.

The agreement includes the building of a multipurpose machine that will mass replicate VMDs and DVDs, New Medium said.

In the future, similar machines will also manufacture multilayer discs for blue-laser applications.

These machines will combine the DVD processes and production modules of ODMS with new processes and modules stemming from novel technology developed by NME.The design will remain the sole ownership of NME.VDL-ODMS will promote and sell the VMD’s proprietary lines to other parties globally on a licensing basis.


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