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Nintendo Tips Hand On Plans For 3D DS System



announced here this week that
it has developed version of its popular DS handheld game player that supports
3D without the need for special glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS will use two screens and will be backward
compatible with current DS and DSi games, the company said here Tuesday.

Few details were available on how the new glasses-less technology
will work or what games will be developed for it.

Plans are to release the 3D system in Japan prior to the end of the
current fiscal year (March 2011). It will be demonstrated at this year’s E3
Expo, the company said.

Ironically, news of the next-generation handheld game player
comes before the release of the previously announced DSi XL, which is a
larger-screened version of Nintendo’s current handheld game player.

The DSi XL will offer
bigger screens, a better stylus and more battery life, for a $20 premium over
the existing version with the smaller form factor. But it won’t have 3D.