Nintendo 3DS Due March 27


New York - Nintendo's 3DS portable game player will become available March 27 in the U.S. at a suggested $249 in both black and blue, the company announced.

The handheld game system, the first to feature glasses-free 3D, comes with two screens. The bottom screen is a touchscreen used in conjunction with a telescoping stylus stored in the 3DS itself. The top screen displays 3D visuals without the need to for users to wear 3D glasses. A 3D depth slider lets users control the depth of the 3D effects or turn off 3D completely.

The device comes with three cameras, one pointing at the user and two pointing outward to take 3D pictures. Like previous Nintendo handhelds, the 3D3 features a control pad and button, but the 3DS adds a circle pad with 360 degrees of direction to play games in 3D worlds.

A built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor responds to motion and tilting to take advantage of motion-compatible Nintendo 3DS games.

The device's StreetPass feature lets users exchange game information with other Nintendo 3DS systems as users pass one another. Via StreetPass, small packets of information can be exchanged, including character data and high scores. The SpotPass feature connects to compatible public hotspots and through a home's wireless network, even if the handheld is in sleep mode, to receive new content and updates.

 An upgraded Internet browser will be available via a system update.

The 3DS plays MP3 or AAC music files and can play Nintendo DS game cards in 2D. The system also includes a slot for an included 2GB SD memory card.

Via a service due after the 3DS's launch, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL owners will be able to transfer games downloaded from the Nintendo DSi Shop onto their new Nintendo 3DS systems.

Between March 27 and the E3 Expo in early June, more than 30 games will be available to Nintendo 3DS owners, the company said.


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