Niles Rock Speakers Roll


Carlsbad, Calif. - Niles shipped its next generation of outdoor rock speakers and planter speakers, all featuring improved ability to withstand the elements.

 The Niles GeoRealistic Pro-series rock speakers are shipping along with two new outdoor planter speakers.

 Like before, the new outdoor speakers feature the company's ConeForward woofer design, which moves the woofer close to the outer edge of the speaker enclosure to deliver bass with less distortion.

 The new speakers, however, add upgraded cabinet material and finish as well as conformal coatings on the crossover boards to protect against moisture, dust, and chemicals. "In tests we exceed military anti-corrosion specs (MIL-STD-883D) and are confident enough to offer a limited lifetime warranty on the new Pro-grade models," said Niles president Mike Detmer.

  The speakers also feature a new protective finish and new four-layer fiberglass weave to ensure the speakers are at least five times more durable and long-lasting than the current rock speakers under extreme UV conditions, the company said. The speakers are able to withstand temperatures from -50 degrees F to 185 degrees F.

 To deliver the changes, Niles switched to a supplier that not only delivers the improvements but also provides "a more reliable source of supply," said Detmer. "As our rock business has grown year over year, we found ourselves missing market share because of availability, so we moved to a vendor who could uphold our high build/sound standard with a greater capacity to supply."

 The GeoRealistic Pro series consists of four models, each available in five colors: granite, speckled granite, sandstone, coral and shale brown. The four models are the 5-inch two-way RS5Pro at $219 each, the 6-inch RS6Pro at $269 each, the 6-inch stereo-input RS6SiPro with dual tweeters at $329 each, and the 8-inch stereo-input RS8SiPro with dual tweeters at $499 each. Their audio-performance specifications are the same as the models they replace.

 The two new Niles planter speakers are the PB6Si Pro rectangular box planter and the PS6Si Pro circular planter, each available in terracotta and weathered concrete at $459 each. 


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