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Niles Multizone Receivers Gets In-Wall Touchscreen Option

Miami – Niles
shipped the TS-Pro
wall-mount color touchscreen to control the company’s ZR-6 multizone receiver
in a custom-installed multi-room audio system.

The $799-suggested
TS-Pro is the first touchscreen controller for the ZR-6, which can also be
controlled from in-wall keypads. It features 3.5-inch color touchscreen with
graphical user interface (GUI) and hard keys, which control frequently used
functions such as volume and power on/off. The screen displays metadata from iPods, station information for an AM/FM radio and command
of connected sources.

From the
touchscreen, consumers conveniently control all zones in a multi-room-audio
system built around the ZR-6. A built-in IR sensor, and a connection for an
external IR sensor, enables system control from a handheld IR remote.

features include custom naming of each zone and ability to display digital
pictures on the screen. White, almond and bone faceplates are included with
each unit, but black and silver faceplates are options. The screen itself can
be programmed to display any of five color schemes.

The touchscreen can
be configured without connecting a laptop computer. Instead, installers connect
the TS-Pro to the ZR-6 and to automatically load system programming. System
changes made to one TS-Pro automatically appear in all other TS-Pros connected
to the multizone audio system.

The ZR-6 can also be
controlled from the weather-resistant Solo-6MD single-gang keypad with metadata
display, the Solo-6IR single-gang keypad, and the Numeric-6P numeric keypad,
which works in conjunction with the Solo-6IR.