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Niles Introduces IntelliControl ICS

A receiver-based distributed-audio system, the IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Control Solutions), marks multiple firsts for Niles.

It’s the company’s first receiver-based system to deliver metadata to keypads and touch-screen controllers. It’s the company’s first with two-way RF handheld remote, which also displays metadata using ZigBee wireless technology. And it’s the company’s first modular receiver, which accepts tuner cards, source-input cards and iPod-control cards.

The $2,799-suggested GXR2 receiver is a six-source, six-zone receiver with 12×60-watt amp that can be linked with other GXR2 models to create a 30-zone system.

Due in the first quarter to factory-direct dealers, the receiver features six bays for incorporating a mix of AM/FM tuner modules, XM modules, Sirius modules, iPod-interface modules and source-input modules to integrate CD changers, music servers and the like. Metadata from an iPod and satellite radio, along with AM/FM station frequency numbers, can be displayed on the system’s keypads, touch screens and two-way remote.

The suggested retails of the other components are as follows: iPod interface, $399; XM tuner, $499; Sirius tuner, $599; AM/FM tuner, $249; source-integration module, $149; RF remote, $799; wall-mount color touch screen, $749; wall-mount keypad with metadata display, $399; keypad without display, $199.

The keypads and touch screens are connected to the receiver via CAT-5, as in the company’s existing models.

In other advances over current Niles receivers, the GRX2 automatically discovers and configures the keypads, saving installers time in tracing wire, and programming is done via PC, not manually. A system configuration wizard guides installers through the setup in less than 10 minutes.

Sometime in the second half of next year, a version with video-distribution capabilities will ship. It will feature inputs for three component-video sources and optional CCTV-input module.