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Nikon Unveils GPS-Enabled Digital Camera

Melville, N.Y. — Nikon unveiled six new digital cameras due to ship in September, including its first model with built-in GPS.

All of Nikon’s new models will incorporate a new scene auto selector mode, which analyzes an environment and chooses the proper scene mode for the shot. They will also include a motion-detection mode that adjusts the camera’s ISO setting for motion photos.

The 13.5-megapixel P6000 will incorporate a built-in GPS unit that will add geo-tags to a photo, which can be read and mapped by programs and services that support geo-tagging. Nikon’s ViewNX software and My Picturetown online service will both support geo-tags.

The P6000 will also include an Ethernet port for directly uploading images to Nikon’s My Picturetown.

The camera sports manual exposure controls, an optical viewfinder, a hot-shoe, customizable function buttons, RAW-image capture in the new NRW format, and the company’s picture-control system that lets users adjust images in-camera.

It will retail for $499.

For its new Wi-Fi-enabled S610c, Nikon has switched wireless providers and will now use Wayport to offer S610c users wireless connectivity. Coolpix customers will enjoy free access at Wayport’s 10,000 hotspots through Aug. 31, 2011.

The camera will feature a dedicated email button, and users can upload photos directly from the camera to My Picturetown.

The 10-megapixel S610c will feature a 3.6x optical zoom lens, 3-inch LCD, optical VR and ISO 3,200.

It will also offer a smile mode to capture images of smiling subjects and an active-child mode for keeping focus on fast-moving objects. It will be sold in black for $329.

The S610, for $279, offers most of the features of the S610c minus the Wi-Fi. It will incorporate a 4x wide angle zoom and be sold in black, red and gray.

The 10-megapixel S60 features a 5x optical zoom lens, and a 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD that uses a new interface and several shooting modes integrated into the touchscreen, such as the ability to lock focus by pressing select portions of the screen. A new portrait one-touch zoom activates the camera to zoom in and capture a portrait photo.

In playback, images can be scrolled by moving a finger across the screen and will rotate automatically based on the orientation of the camera. Nikon will bundle a stylus with the camera for drawing or writing on images.