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Nikon Intros New Editing Software

Melville, N.Y. — Nikon will ship a new version of its Capture NX digital-editing software to dealers this month.

Capture NX 2 builds off the prior program with a new user interface, updated menu and browser functions and a new Auto Retouch Brush for removing blemishes or dust from images.

The software can be used to process and edit Nikon’s NEF RAW file format in addition to standard JPEG and TIFF images.

New for NX 2 is the Selection Control Point which lets consumers edit photos without manually outlining or masking the area in question and shadow/highlight adjustment for improving details in darkened or blown out areas of a photo. Also new in NX 2 is a “workspace” feature, where users can customize which tools and palettes they will use. Predefined workspaces are also available.

A “quick fix” menu gives users the ability to apply common image corrections and Nikon added several new edits to the menu including color moiré reduction, dust off, auto red eye correction and fisheye lens control, among others. Image correction tools can also be used simultaneously.

For image organizing, the software has new image filters, ratings and sorting tools.

Capture NX 2 will retail for $179.