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Nikon Bows New Flagship Speedlight

Melville, N.Y. –


formally introduced Wednesday a new top-of-the-line speedlight for its d-SLRs,
which is said to offer new levels of creative control in difficult shooting

The new flagship speedlight, which ships in mid-December at a
$550 suggested retail, is said to incorporate an enhanced intuitive operating
system and graphic user interface (GUI).

It is equipped with a wide zoom range covering the most popular
focal lengths as well as FX/DX-format identification to optimize zoom settings
based on the camera body.

The light was also said to be more efficient at battery power
usage than the previous SB-900 and features an enhanced thermal cut-out

The SB-910 is said to have been designed for easier operation and
menu navigation, and offers an enhanced operating system with illuminated
function buttons, a dedicated Menu button with quick access to custom settings
and an improved LCD screen graphic user interface.

It is operable on camera, and wirelessly off camera as a commander
or remote.

The new Thermal Cut-Out function adds protection against damage
to the flash panel and body overheating during continuous flash use. Flash
recycling time is automatically delayed if a significant rise in temperature is
detected, rather than ceasing operation to protect the unit, Nikon said.

It uses new hard-type color compensation filters for fluorescent
and incandescent color temperature balancing. The flash automatically
recognizes the filter and adjusts white balance accordingly on camera. An
AF-assist illuminator is compatible with all Nikon d-SLR AF systems.

The SB-910 speedlight includes three illumination patterns
(standard, center-weighted and even) which match most shooting situations. The
“standard” pattern will cover all conventional, standard flash coverage. The
“center-weighted” pattern is best used for portraits where light falloff at the
edges is desired.

The “even” setting covers a subject from the center to the edges
without light falloff. This pattern is applicable for shooting group
photographs indoors.

The flash incorporates a multi-step power zoom range covering
from  a 17-200mm angle of view.

It supports Nikon’s advanced wireless TTL operation and can
function as a wireless commander with control over three separate groups of
speedlights or as a remote speedlight triggered by other SB-910 speedlights,
SB-700 speedlights, SU-800 Wireless Commander or the built-in speedlight set to
Commander Mode on compatible Nikon D-SLR cameras, the company said.

Recycling time is said to be approximately 2.5 seconds for full
power with NiMH batteries, and approximately 3 seconds with AA Alkaline