Nielsen: Smartphone Penetration Hits 49.7% Of Cellular Users


New York - Smartphone penetration rose in February to 49.7 percent of all cellular subscribers, up from a year-ago 36 percent, and it's only going to go higher, a Nielsen consumer survey found.

Nielsen also found that two-thirds of those who acquired a new cellphone within the past three months chose a smartphone over a feature phone and that by a growing percentage, consumers are buying an Apple iPhone.

Among the installed base of smartphone users, 48 percent use an Android smartphone and 32 percent use an Apple smartphone, but among recent smartphone acquirers, 43 percent bought an Apple smartphone.  Apple's share gains among recent purchasers are coming at the expense of the Windows and BlackBerry operating systems, given that Android represented 48 percent of the smartphones purchased by recent acquirers and 48 percent of the installed base.

Blackberry owners represented 11.6 percent of the installed base but only 5 percent of recent acquirers.



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