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Nielsen: New Smartphone Buyers Opt For Android

New York – Only 43 percent of
U.S. smartphone owners have an Android device, but a majority of smartphone
purchasers in the past three months opted for Android, a


survey found.

In an August survey, Nielsen
found that 56 percent of smartphone purchasers in the most recent three-month
period opted for an Android device. “Recent acquirers are important as they are
often a leading indicator of where the market is going,” said telecom research
director Don Kellogg.

The survey also found that 28
percent of all smartphone users own an Apple iOS smartphone and that the same
percentage of recent smartphone buyers bought an iOS device. The iOS percentage
among new smartphone purchasers could grow in the coming months, however, with
the launch of a new Apple iPhone, Nielsen said. “Every time Apple launches a
new iPhone or makes it available on a new wireless carrier, there is an
increase in their sales,” Kellogg said.

The survey also found that 43
percent of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. had a smartphone as of August,
but 58 percent of those who got a new device in the past three months chose a
smartphone over a feature phone.

The holiday season and the launch
of new devices like the next iPhone could further accelerate smartphone
adoption, Nielsen said, “though this is always tempered by the fact that many
consumers are unwilling or unable to break their service contracts before they expire.”