NHT Unveils Powered Mini Monitor

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Benicia, Calif. -


unveiled the first in a promised series of powered high-performance speakers designed to connect to such new music sources as smartphones, tablets and computers.

The active 90-watt two-way SuperPower mini speaker, priced at $199 each, can also be used to play back audio from portable media players, video game consoles and electronic musical instruments, the company said. The speaker connects to sources via an analog input.


Two SuperPower minis can be used to deliver stereo, and they can be connected to the company's 110-watt Super 8 powered subwoofer, which is priced at $299 when purchased with a pair of SuperPower speakers.

 The mini speakers can also be mated with SuperPower DeskStands at $59/pair. They use 10-gauge carbon steel to isolate the speaker from the surface of a shelf or table, opening up the midrange vocals to deliver a wider soundfield, the company said.

For another $99, computer users can add a PVC PC passive volume-control interface with control knob. It isolates computer-generated noise from the speakers, reduces the deleterious sonic impact of "dithering" from software-based volume controls, and simplifies the addition of a Super 8 subwoofer.

 The SuperPower isn't NHT's first powered mini monitor. However, an existing powered mini monitor, the 75-watt $375-each M-00, is designed for professional, home and project recording studios, although some consumers connect it to PCs to create a desktop hi-fi system, the company said.

The SuperPower takes its design cues from the passive SuperZero 2.0 mini-speaker and the M-00. Like those speakers, the SuperPower features 4.5-inch long-throw woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter in a sealed box featuring NHT's high-gloss, black laminate finish.

The amp in each SuperPower speaker is rated at 90 watts with more than 90 percent efficiency. The amp mates with a custom-designed pre-amp circuit to extend bass to 72Hz and deliver more than 111dB at 1 meter.

The speaker combines "our knowledge and experience in the powered monitor arena with our passion for packing incredible high-end sound into a compact, affordable package," said NHT partner and marketing/sales executive John Johnsen.

"This isn't the last word on powered speakers or personal audio from NHT," he added.

NHT's Internet-based business model combines B to C and B to B marketing in an unusual way. Consumers buy NHT products factory-direct through NHT's web site or through authorized online and brick-and-mortar retailers and installers. Whatever the point of purchase, the purchased product is shipped directly to the consumer from NHT's warehouse.


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