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NFL Game To Be Produced In 3-D Video

New York — As part of a proof-of-concept trial, the National Football League (NFL) will present the Dec. 4 contest between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders in live 3-D video to select theaters in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, according to a report in Monday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Several hundred guests at the three participating theaters will include representatives from the NFL’s broadcasting partners and from consumer electronics companies. The event will be closed to the general public, according to the report.

The game will be produced by 3ality Digital of Burbank, Calif., using special cameras and relayed to the theaters via satellite.

The report said Thomson SA’s Technicolor Digital Cinema will provide the satellite services and digital downlink to each theater. Real D 3D is providing the presentation equipment in theaters, including special glasses that will be required to view the stereoscopic images.

The last time a game was produced in 3-D was the 2004 Super Bowl, when 3ality filmed the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, The Wall Street Journal reported.

More recent advances have made live 3-D broadcasts possible, the report said.

The demonstration will show what may one day be available to consumers in homes, although that time is likely a few years off.