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Nexto Debuts Portable Backup Device

Inglewood, Calif. — Imaging peripherals manufacturer Nexto will ship a portable backup solution to dealers this month.

The product will be shipped by Nexto’s U.S distribution partner International Supplies.

The NEXTO eXtreme will be sold in 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB capacities with prices starting at $429. It will feature an eSATA interface, memory card slots and a USB port for transferring photos directly from a digital camera or camcorder.

The eXtreme can verify the integrity of video files and alert users to failed backups. It will also monitor the hard drive to prevent future failures. The drive offers transfer speeds of 1GB of data in 40 seconds and supports transferring 60GB worth of images on a single battery charge. An optional battery is available for longer transfers.