Next Gen SW Debuts To Protect Kids Online


Scottsdale, Ariz. - Safe Communication has opened beta registration for, a patent-pending online security service that protects children from vulgar, sexual or bullying emails, text messages and social networking interactions.

This free service allows parents to screen emails and text messages and monitor other online activity for questionable or objectionable content. is a messaging platform that flags and blocks messages containing offensive, bullying or sexually-suggestive language before the child receives them, while allowing for communication with approved contacts. The fully-operational beta phase launched today with several new services designed to create a safe digital environment for children.

"Technological advancements have done great things for our children's education, but they have also made virtually all kids more vulnerable to cyber-bullying and online predators," said former Secretary of Education and Drug Czar William J. Bennett, a senior advisor to Safe Communications. "We can never do enough to keep our children safe. The tools provides alert parents to their children's email, text messaging and social networking activity without hindering their access to the benefits of technology."

The Active Email Filtering and Active Text Filtering services of will now be available free for parents. Text messages and emails that contain inappropriate, suggestive or threatening words or phrases are automatically blocked. Text messages and emails from unapproved senders will be held for parental screening before being delivered to a child's device.

The next generation of technology, to be released later this month, also marks the integration of several new features that add extra security on top of the filtering services. Social Website Scanning and Global Scan Technology monitor social networking sites - including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube - as well as blogs and other websites for questionable content posted on the child's page or written about them by another user.

According to the company: three out of four 12- to 17-year-olds own a cell phone;  fully 88 percent of teen cell phone users send text messages, with more than half of all teens sending text messages daily; and between 20 and 40 percent of children and teens have been cyber-bullied; at least 15 percent and as many as one in five teens have sent sexually suggestive photos of themselves to someone else; and three out of four parents are unsatisfied with the privacy protections offered by social networking sites, while 79 percent of teenagers think their friends share too much personal information online.

Separately the company announ ced that CE industry veteran Tom Campbell has joined their team as a senior advisor-board member.

Campbell, who is internationally recognized as a technology counselor to both the public and private sectors, has served as White House technology advisor in three administrations and received the Presidential Distinguished Service Award and special recognition on the floor of the U.S. Senate. 

Over the years, Campbell has also worked with leading manufacturers in the national launch of a number of new products, including the compact disc, GPS and DVD Campbell helped introduced high-definition television and 3D TV to the U.S.


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