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New Wearables Target Different Markets

NEW YORK – The variety of wrist-worn wearables came into focus with separate announcements from OKO Iinternational, which is targeting the smartphone- companion market, and start-up KGPS, whose first product is a kid-tracking GPS watch.

OKO, maker of traditional watches under the Android brand, has begun offering an updated version of an Android-brand smart watch through its website at a suggested $299. The company is also looking for online and brick-and-mortar retailers to sell the product.

OKO unveiled its first smart watch late last year, and with the updated version, the company adds a dial pad to 1.54-inch color touchscreen so consumers can dial their Bluetooth-connected Apple or Android phone from the watch itself. The watch, called the Android SmartWatch, also features built-in microphone and speaker to make calls from Android and Apple phones.

The watch also displays text messages sent to Android phones and controls smartphone music playback.

For its part, Israel-based start-up KGPS entered the market for kid-tracking GPS watches with the HereO GPS Watch, promoted as the smallest and lowestpriced GPS tracking watch announced to date for kids.

The Herzliyua, Israel, company plans July availability of a model that’s smaller than competing models so it fits better on the wrists of 3- to 8-year-olds, said North American VP Sherone Noyman. The watch measures 1.26 inches by 1.18 inches by 0.55 inches.

The HereO, which lacks voice and messaging capability, will be priced at $149, including six months of tracking service that normally costs $4.99/month per tracked device. The presale price is $129, or $99 for the first 500 people who purchase from the company’s site.

The company is also targeting carriers and retailers.