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New Video Friendly RealPlayer Unveiled

Carlsbad, Calif. – RealNetworks introduced a new version of its RealPlayer media player PC software that simplifies downloading video content from thousands of Web sites to one-click.

The company said the latest RealPlayer version will enable viewing videos anytime and anywhere, and will enable burning them to DVD and CD media.

The player, which will be available in a basic version for free at, will support most major media file formats, including Real, Windows Media, Flash, and Quicktime.

“The new RealPlayer gives consumers more control of Internet video than was ever possible before,” stated Rob Glaser, Real chairman/CEO. “By floating a download this video button next to video seen on thousands of Web sites, RealPlayer makes it one-click simple. The new RealPlayer is a major step towards realizing our vision of bringing great digital entertainment to more people on more screens around the world.”

Other features in the software upgrade include the following:

  • The software will allow downloading multiple videos simultaneously. Users can also start downloading in the middle of watching a video, and the entire video will be captured.
  • Videos burned to CDs or DVDs using the RealPlayer Plus version of the software, can be played back in most DVD players.
  • Consumers will be able to send links of their favorite videos to their friends. The link that arrives in their friends’ email will direct them to the online source of the video content their friend downloaded.
  • RealPlayer supports both downloading and recording for popular streaming format (Windows Media, Real, and Quicktime)
  • RealPlayer will only download/record video that is not protected by digital rights management (DRM) systems.
  • A new look and feel has been added along with a streamlined installation process and faster video playback.

Real said the new RealPlayer will first be released for Windows, and will work with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Real said it plans to release a version for the Mac later in the year.

Real said it is working on a future version of the software that will let users transfer online video content to their personal media devices.