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New Standard Would Connect Portables to Cars

Arlington, Va. — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said it is working on a new standard to connect portable devices such as MP3 players to cars that use the MOST network.

The MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) network is gaining prevalence in new vehicles as the preferred network for communication between A/V devices in the car. It is expected to be used in 48 percent of cars worldwide by 2008.

CEA said it will adjust a standard currently under development to connect portable devices to accessories to also allow connection to the MOST network in a vehicle. Development of the portables standard, CEA-2017.1 began last year to allow “command and control” communication between portables and accessories such as speakers. Now the standard will be extended to allow communication with AV systems in MOST cars.

CEA said connectivity of devices into the car is a “key issue” for the organization, and it called for industry members to participate in the development of these standards.

CEA also announced it is revising standards for home and car audio amplifiers and loudspeaker testing methods.