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New Queen Album Debuts On Logitech Wi-Fi Radio

Fremont, Calif. – A new music album will debut on one of
Logitech’s Wi-Fi radios before the album is available in stores.

Queen’s latest album, “Absolute Greatest,” goes on sale Nov.
17 in the United States, but the album, lyrics, photography and track
commentaries became available today on Logitech’s Squeezebox Radio, the company said.

The $199
Squeezebox Radio, a tabletop radio with amplifier and single two-way speaker,
features a color screen with the ability to display album art, photos from
Flickr and photo screensavers. The album offering will appear as an app
icon within the radio’s menu. Users select the icon to view a sub-menu to
select the album content they want, a spokesman told TWICE.

“Absolute Greatest” is a compilation of the band’s most
popular songs. On the Squeezebox Radio, the music will be accompanied by track-by-track
audio commentaries in which band members Brian May and Roger Taylor talk
through the composition and history of each song. The Squeezebox Radio also
displays a series of Queen photos available for the first time.

A preview of Queen’s audio commentaries and photos is
available at or