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New Plasma-Ed Program Planned

New York – The sales training units of the member companies of the Plasma Display Coalition (PDC) have developed a retail education program to keep dealers properly informed on the attributes and benefits of plasma TVs.

The program will be introduced to the retail community as a key element of the current dealer training activities from PDC members Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, and Pioneer.

“Perhaps for the first time ever, major companies have come together to create a unified education message about Plasma TV technology,” said Jim Palumbo, PDC president. “As the February 2009 digital TV transition date approaches, more and more consumers will be shopping for replacement televisions and it is imperative that retailers are well-equipped to help their customers make good buying decisions,” Palumbo explained. “Our education program presents the facts about Plasma – with the goal of helping retailers better understand Plasma HDTVs so they can explain the features and benefits to consumers.”

The training presentation outlines and summarizes the key facts and benefits of Plasma including: capacity to handle fast motion, offering the widest viewing angle, providing uniform brightness across the screen, reproducing outstanding color reproduction, delivering longevity and energy efficiency and the resistance to image retention.

The PDC has also created a Quick Reference Fact Card that will be distributed to retailers enabling sales floor personnel to conveniently access the key information on plasma, so they can respond effectively to consumer questions.

To reach consumers directly, the coalition is also undertaking a communications campaign to provide consumers with tips on how to buy a digital television.