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Sterling, Va. - NEW, an extended-service provider, has launched a marketing campaign to elicit consumer feedback on electronics products failures.

The effort, dubbed "Lucky Break" for its tie-in with St. Patrick's Day, is comprised of an online


that asks participants to describe product failures they have experienced, how they were resolved, and their perceived likelihood of future failures.

To get the conversations going, NEW will give away a $777 gift card to one lucky respondent.

 As part of the campaign, which runs through St. Patrick's Day, March 17,

NEW's corporate Facebook page

will host daily polls for consumers to evaluate how often they find themselves in unlucky situations. More details can also be found on NEW's

Savvy Shopper blog


The blog will also provide information about the most common reasons popular CE products fail and what it costs to repair them, based on industry data. The list includes repair issues and average repair costs for Blu-ray Disc players, cameras and camcorders, PNDs, flat-panel TVs, and MP3 players.

"Consumers should consider their lifestyle, their dependence on the product, and the product's quality when purchasing a product and an extended-service plan," said NEW marketing director Jamie Breneman


"Technology can be unpredictable, and products break. Industry data shows that repair or replacement of many of today's most-popular consumer electronics can lead to a costly experience for consumers who aren't protected by an extended-service plan."

For more information, visit

or call (800) WHAT'S-NEW



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