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New Harman Unit Brings Lexicon, Madrigal Together

Harman International brought its Lexicon and Madrigal groups under a single division to gain efficiencies, speed time to market, and improve product performance while retaining the individuality of the two groups’ separate brands, said Madrigal president Mark Glazier.

Lexicon, based here, markets consumer and pro audio gear, while Middletown, Conn.-based Madrigal offers audio and video under the AudioAccess, Madrigal, Madrigal Imaging, Mark Levinson, Proceed, and Revel brands.

“Before, we operated as two separate vertically integrated companies with their own engineering, design, purchasing, and manufacturing staffs,” Glazier said. “We’ll do due diligence to find ways to collaborate.”

The new division, called Harman Specialty Group (HSG), will “retain and refine the distinctive character of all our brands while maintaining our selective distribution channels,” he added in a July 15 letter to Madrigal dealers.

The two groups have no plans to change reps and dealers, Glazier noted.

Lexicon and Madrigal will remain in their current locations, and HSG will be headquartered at Lexicon’s offices. Wayne Morris was named HSG president and remains Lexicon’s president. Madrigal CEO Phil Muzio reports to Morris.