New GPS Tracker From LandAirSea

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Woodstock, Ill. — LandAirSea is shipping a new “passive” GPS car tracker with the longest recording capability to date, said the company.

LandAirSea, which sells GPS trackers through, Napa Auto Parts and other stores, said its

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GPS TracKing combines GPS and a motion sensor to record up to 80 hours of motion on two AA batteries. Users then link the device to a PC (running Land Air Sea software) to view the vehicle’s tracking history on a street map.

The “passive” tracker does not require monthly service fees and differs from active trackers that allow real-time tracking over the Internet, which typically carry service fees.

Steven Moehling, sales VP, said the company’s passive trackers outsell its active trackers by 20- or 30-to-1. 

LandAirSea claims it sold a total of 25,000 car tracking units of all types last year worldwide and has sold more than 100,000 during the past three years.

The new TracKing has a suggested retail of $269 and is available exclusively through distributor KJB Security Products,  based in Nashville, Tenn.

The TracKing is magnetized for mounting and can work with an optional cable for a cigarette lighter. It is not much larger than the two AA batteries it uses, the company said.


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