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New DJ Jukebox, Notebooks From Dell

Round Rock, Tex. – Dell added new gaming and Media Center notebooks to its Inspiron line and in an effort to keep up with Apple’s iPod, the company released a new Dell DJ Digital Jukebox.

Like the iPods Apple introduced earlier this week, the new DJ features a 30GB hard drive capable of holding 15,000 songs. However, at $299 it is priced $50 lower then its competitor. It joins the already available $249 20GB DJ Jukebox.

The notebook additions include the Inspiron XPS Gen 2 gaming model and the Inspiron 9300 Media Center line.

Like all Dell models consumers can either configure the XPS Gen 2 to their taste or choose from pre-configured options. The base model has a $2,749 street price and is equipped with an Intel Pentium M 760 Processor running at 2GHz, 17-inch display, 512GB of memory, 60GB hard drive, DVD/CD burner combo, a 256MB NVIDA GeForce Go 6800 Ultra video card and the Media Center operating system. Fully tricked out with a dual format, double layer DVD burner, 2GB of memory, Pentium 770 2.13GHz processor and other add-ons the price hits $3,600.

The Inspiron 9300, starting price $1,599, is a desktop replacement model that also uses the Media Center OS. It comes with a TV tuner option, DVI and S-Video ports for full Media Center functionality. Basic PC features include a Pentium M processor with 2.1GHz speed, 17-inch display and 64MB Intel graphics card.

All three new products are now available at