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New Aquos Ads Launch Today

Mahwah, N.J. — Sharp said it will kick off Tuesday a new national brand-advertising campaign highlighting its slim-line D64U Aquos LCD TV series.

The new effort, which was said to have a budget “in the tens of millions of dollars,” piggybacks on a large advertising initiative that began earlier this year focused on MLB games. The new leg will run through the Super Bowl, Sharp said.

The new campaign will provide “a new take on previous Aquos campaigns, which were focused on picture detail.” This time the spots highlight the physical design of the product, emphasizing the thinness and lightness of the TVs.

The ads portray a blend of choreography and lighting, as six performance artists blend into the background, as they create different shapes and designs with the Aquos LCD TVs.

The choreography keeps in time with the high-definition footage played on the televisions.

“This campaign represents a true first in this industry. Although there is still the traditional focus on Full HD picture quality, this commercial explores a new idea and makes a design statement that strengthens the overall image of the Sharp brand,” stated Bob Scaglione, Sharp Electronics product and marketing group senior VP. “The ad depicts where we see the LCD industry going, as new design statements are introduced to provide consumers with the ultimate blend of style and performance.”

The campaign features one spot with fast action and sports footage and one that features colorful, picturesque nature scenes.

Sharp said the commercials will run on high-profile network and cable programming, including the NFL on FOX and CBS, as well as primetime programming on CBS, NBC and ABC.

The print portion of the campaign will extend to major newspapers including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and USA Today, and major magazines including Time and Newsweek.

Point-of-purchase materials based on the print ads will also be distributed to Sharp Aquos retailers, the company said.

An online advertising component is also planned, with placements on consumer Web sites as well as pre-roll videos (placements ahead of video selections on various Web sites) and banners.

Web will include major sites like Yahoo, CNET, ESPN,, Google and Yahoo Search, Sharp said.