New 3LCD 3D Chips In Volume Production


Los Angeles - The

3LCD Consortium

spearheaded by Epson and other video projector makers said Wednesday that the world's first high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal chips for 3D 3LCD projectors have launched.

The HTPS chips employ a new technology called Bright 3D Drive to drive brighter images to audiences wearing shaded 3D glasses.

The group said the new chips are currently in volume production to power 3D 3LCD projectors recently demonstrated at CEDIA Expo and other venues.

The group reminded that the new 3LCD chips will continue to offer a number of technology advantages, including:

  • the use of a 3-chip optical engine for bright, life-like color images;
  • high color and white light output to optimally handle images and text; and
  • *       no color wheel needed to produce color, saving viewers from artifacts including "rainbow effects" and "color breakup."


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