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New 3G Kindle Introduced

Seattle – Amazon has stepped up the battle with Barnes &
Noble by introducing a new, redesigned 3G Kindle for $189.

The online seller also dropped the price of the Wi-Fi model to

The new Kindle is available for


with delivery expected on
Aug. 27.

The reader features an improved electronic-ink screen that
delivers 50 percent better contrast ratio, the company said. Other improvements
include 20 percent faster page turns; a month of battery life; and double the
storage capacity, to 3,500 books.

The new Kindle is 15 percent lighter, weighing in at 9.7 ounces,
and the overall size is 21 percent smaller. It retains the same 6-inch display

The 3G connectivity remains free, and there is built-in Facebook
and Twitter capability, allowing readers to share book passages with friends.