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NetZero Expands Mobile-Broadband Service Nationwide

Woodland Hills, Calif. – NetZero, the MVNO provider of free and low-cost mobile broadband service, expanded its footprint nationwide by transitioning its products to Sprint’s 3G network from the carrier’s mobile WiMAX network.

NetZero’s service, available through its website, is now available to more than 276 million people through Sprint’s 3G network. NetZero also plans to offer devices for use on Sprint’s 4G LTE network sometime in the third quarter.

NetZero launched its no-contract service in 2012 with a mobile hot spot and USB stick. The company currently offers a hot spot with four service plans: 500MB for $9.95, 1GB for $19.95, 2GB for $34.95, and 4GB for $49.95. New customers can sign up for a free one-year service plan that offers 200MB/month. The mobile hot spot costs $99, but the price is halved for subscribers to the 1GB to 4GB plans.

NetZero also offers free and low-cost home broadband service.