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NetGear’s Lo Spells Out Smart Home Concept

LAS VEGAS – Netgear founder and CEO Patrick Lo spelled out his company’s plan to create the “Smart Home.”

Netgear’s mission for the next ten to 15 years is to have everything in a home that is powered by electricity connect to the Internet, said Lo.

“Going forward we want to extend beyond speeds and feeds to the start of the Smart Home,” Lo said during Netgear’s press conference at CES.

Lo pointed out that the Smart Home concept has just begun with about $1.5 billion worth of product selling worldwide in 2012, but he expects this figure to more than double to $3.6 billion by 2015. The Smart Home will consist will include everything from home automation and control to home security, he said. If this figure is reached it could equate to 30 percent of homes in this country having some Smart devices installed, Lo said.

To make it immediately accessible to the average consumer Netgear will focus on delivering products that can be installed as a do-it-yourself project.

The first Netgear Smart Home device to come to market is the VueZone Night Vision camera. This is an addition to the company’s VueZone line, which is now on the market. These are very small, wireless, battery powered cameras that quickly connect t a home network and whose content can be viewed from any web connected computer or mobile device.

The cameras are motion sensitive and can take video or snapshots and the content is stored in the cloud. The night vision capability is done via an included infrared lamp.

It just started shipping at $129.