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Netflix Takes Top Honors In Satisfaction Survey

Ann Arbor,
Mich. – once again reigned as champion in the ForeSee Results’
annual Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index, beating out and
Apple’s online retail store.

video-rental Web site posted a score of 87 points (out of 100), jumping up two
points from the prior-year index.

Other CE
sites included Amazon (No. 2 on the list, with a satisfaction score of 86); (No. 4, 83 points); (No. 5, 82 points); and (No.
8, 82 points). 

to ForeSee, nearly every individual retailer registered a satisfaction score on
its index that matched or exceeded previous levels. The research firm uses a
score of 80 as its “threshold for excellence.” A one-point increase in online
customer satisfaction (as measured by this study), ForeSee said, translates to
roughly $89 million in increased sales for a top e-retailer.

research firm also released its Purchase Intent Scores, and Amazon took home
top honors in that category, with a Purchase Intent score of 92. Runners up
were (90) and (89).

with low or average satisfaction levels but high consumer purchase intent are
leaving money on the table in terms of growth. E-retailers in this position
(such as Costco, Safeway, Office Depot, and Lowe’s) are often those with a
strong multichannel presence and brand, which is what drives sales more than
the website itself,” ForeSee said in the survey. “Since satisfaction drives
future purchase intent, loyalty, and a host of other behaviors with a direct
impact on the bottom line, e-retailers in this category would be well-served to
undertake a serious evaluation of how to make the website contribute more
tangibly to sales, both offline and online.”

are reportedly based on surveys of more than 23,000 visitors to the top 100
e-retail Web sites by sales volume, as reported in the 2010 Internet Retailer
Top 500 Guide.

“The state
of the economy really forced e-retail to step up their game,” said study author
Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results, in a release. “Since so much
of the financial downturn was out of their control, companies turned to those
things they could improve, and now they are reaping the benefits. Customer
satisfaction is not a byproduct of a healthy economy. Instead, a healthy
economy is a consequence of satisfied customers.”

The entire

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on the ForeSee Web site.