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NECO Chapter Goes Solar

Franklin, Mass. — The New England Appliance and Electronics Group (NEAEG), a member of the NECO Alliance retail buying cooperative,  has built a solar farm on the roof of its 250,000-square-foot warehouse here.

NEAEG said the 2.1-megawatt, 7,200-panel system is the third-largest rooftop solar farm in Massachusetts, and has significantly reduced its electricity costs and carbon footprint. The effort was lauded today in a ceremony attended by state and local officials.

“We have significantly reduced our energy costs with zero-emission renewable electricity,” while supporting local companies that provided much of the equipment, said Steve Moran, principal of Dracut Appliance and president of NEAEG.

The solar project began about 18 months ago when NEAEG treasurer Arthur Redding of Hudson Appliance started exploring solar options.  The system was ultimately built and paid for by New York-based Soltas Energy, which owns the solar farm and will sell the electricity it produces to NEAEG and neighboring businesses for the next 40 years.

NEAEG is a 50-year-old, 122-member buying co-op for independent CE and majap dealers. Its parent group, NECO, serves independent dealers across the Northeast and itself is a chapter of the $14 billion Nationwide Marketing Group.