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NEC Adds New PDP, LCD Lines

DENVER — NEC Display Solutions of America returns to the residential plasma TV category at CEDIA Expo, where it is unveiling a restructured residential display direction, including LCD and plasma display lines.

“NEC is aggressively entering the home entertainment market with several new product lines, starting with the Multeos big-screen LCDs, which were introduced earlier in 2007,” according to an NEC spokesman. “NEC has traditionally done very well on the desktop with computer monitor flat-panels, and has also dominated market share in the commercial digital signage markets, which require demanding professional-grade big-screen flat-panels.

“So the home entertainment offering is relatively new for NEC but builds on the company’s significant experience and customer satisfaction in related markets.”

The company has recombined its LCD TV and plasma TV business units, and is once again targeting retailers and resellers in a consumer distribution strategy. The company began to distance itself somewhat from consumer plasma TV after selling its plasma panel manufacturing operations to Pioneer.

NEC said it is once again focusing on CEDIA dealers and installers as its primary distribution channel for its new residential plasma TV line.

The plasma models will be added to the Multeos Full HD LCD displays, and upcoming AccuSync Multimedia large-screen LCD displays to comprise its new “full line of residential displays to fit every need in the home,” the company said. “From the home theater to the second bedroom to the home office, NEC has a display for every room and every need in the house.”

The new PlasmaSync Residential Series plasma displays, which replace the former Showcase Series, includes the 42-inch 42XC10, 50-inch 50XC10 and 60-inch 60XC10.

Models feature advanced video quality and a wide selection of inputs, including HDMI with HDCP, and RS-232 input and output control.

“The PlasmaSync Residential Series sets a new standard over previous generations of plasma displays. Through competitive pricing and wide availability, this new plasma line should quickly become the leading choice for custom installations,” said Todd Fender, NEC Display Solutions product line manager. “Unique features, like day and night ISF calibration settings, create a more adaptable home-theater viewing experience, while the all-new cabinet design and brushed metal bezel offer a design complement to just about any room décor.”

Other features in the plasma line include IR remote ID, including 26 IDs with 10-key remote functionality, which allows units placed in close proximity to one another to have different IR transmissions so only one unit is controlled at a time.

Models also sport all new cabinet designs that resemble the brushed aluminum top and bottom bezel designs found in the company’s LCD product lines. The displays have removable top and bottom bezels to offer an all-black look. Optional speakers and stands are also available.

Other features include three-year warranties, high-altitude operation, multiple aspect ratio control, and Advanced AccuBlend processing that converts non-native resolutions to the resolution of the display.

The PlasmaSync 50XC10 and 60XC10 will be available for September shipment. The 42XC10 will be available for October.

In LCD, NEC is unveiling its new AccuSync Multimedia Series, which is billed as “feature-rich and affordable.”

The series features built-in DTV tuners and comprehensive input panels.

Also added are detachable, two-way TruSurround XT Sound systems and 5000:1 contrast ratios.

The Series currently features the 40-inch PV40 and the 46-inch PV46 models. The latter adds a 25- watt speaker system.

Inputs include HDMI and DVI with HDCP, and three RCA component inputs.