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Nebraska Rips Through Majap Rebates

Lincoln, Neb. – Nebraska,
one of the last remaining states to mount an appliance-rebate program, tore
through half of its allotted funds yesterday in a matter of hours.

According to a
report in the Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska’s

$1.5 million in federal subsidies for new energy-efficient appliances were
halved by 2:00 p.m. yesterday, the first day of the state’s “cash for
appliances” program.

Nebraska Furniture
Mart said about 300 to 400 customers were lined up before its doors opened in
Omaha, while a Sears appliance manager in Lincoln reported lines that were six
to eight deep across all checkout counters for the first three hours of business.

Rebates are only
available at the point of sale in Nebraska, which joins Arizona, New Jersey and
Oregon as the last remaining states to launch or resume stimulus cash-back programs
this month.

yesterday’s in-store frenzy here, many states still have not exhausted their appliance-rebate
allocations, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, which approved the
state-administered programs.