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Nebraska Furniture Mart Extends Credit To Online Purchases

Omaha, Neb. — Nebraska Furniture Mart has begun allowing customers to use its privatel-label credit card to make purchases on the company’s e-commerce site.

“During these tough economic times we want to make it as easy for our customers as possible,” said executive VP Bob Batt. “If your refrigerator goes out you can’t wait for the economy to turn around, you need to go out and buy a new refrigerator.”

Online shoppers using the company’s revolving credit account will continue to have the option of deferring interest payments for 60 days, and will be able to take advantage of longer payment terms when such promotions are offered, the NATM dealer said. Currently, the retailer is offering zero-percent financing for 21 months on purchases of $299 and higher using the company’s credit card.

“Nebraska Furniture Mart customers love the fact that we offer interest-free financing,” added Jeff Douglas, the company’s Internet marketing manager. “It makes it very easy for them to buy furniture, flooring, appliances, electronics, and computers —whatever they need especially when it’s interest-free for an extended amount of time.

“Unlike others,” Douglas continued, “we welcome new accounts, we provide our own credit, and have plenty of it available.” That, along with drive-through pick-up, competitive prices and a wide assortment, “has made it extremely convenient for our customers to shop with us online,” he said.