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Naxa Upgrades LCD TV Line To Full LED

Vernon, Calif. –


said Thursday that its LCD TV line slated for early 2011
delivery will be upgraded to include LED backlighting.

New models will be available in screen sizes ranging from 13.3 inches
to 32 inches.

Models with 22- and 24-inch screen sizes will offer FullHD 1080p
resolution, while models in the 13.3, 15.6-, 19- and 32-inch screen sizes are listed
as having “1080i” resolution.

Key features across the line include dual HDMI inputs, SD card
slots, USB input, ATSC and NTSC tuning, S-Video and VGA A/V inputs, EnergyStar-compliant
power consumption (28 watts) and PC monitor capability.

The 13.3- through 24-inch models will have full AC/DC power
operation (DC with car cord) for home or mobile use, particularly people with
RVs, boats and tailgate vehicles.

“Our focus will be on the AC/DC versions for the mobile family
and individuals that want quality entertainment wherever they go,” said Richard
Goldberg, Naxa Electronics sales and marketing VP. “To our knowledge, we are
the only company that has and will continue to offer television products with
such a focus. We already have significant placement with our current LCD
versions of these products in regional mass merchants, national truck stops,
distributors and electronic specialty retailers. In the future we will continue
to push and expand our product distribution through these channels.”

Naxa will make each model available both with and without
built-in DVD players, Goldberg said.

Suggested retails will start at $120 for the 13.3-inch NT1302 ($170
for the NTD1352 with DVD) and range up to $300 for the 32-inch NT3202 ($350 for
the NTD3252 with DVD player).

Naxa said products will begin shipping to dealers in January.