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Naxa Adds LCD TV Lines

Vernon, Calif. — A new start-up LCD TV brand, Naxa Electronics, has entered the market, offering a range of LCD TV and DVD/LCD TV combo units.

The company said it is positioning the line as “high-performance” products, all featuring 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios and HDTV resolution.

The combo line features models ranging from 13 inches to 26 inches at prices starting at $199 to $429.

All of the sets include ATSC digital HD tuners.

The 26-inch NX557, 22-inch NX563, 19-inch NX556, 15.6-inch NX555, 13.3-inch NX564 and 10.2-inch NX560 all have built-in side-loading DVD players. All but the 26-inch model also feature AC/DC operation (with DC car cord included).

Naxa is also carrying a new lineup of stand-alone LCD TVs without built-in DVD players or AC/DC operation. Screen sizes include 15.6, 19, 22 and 32 inches. All models include built-in ATSC HD tuners and HD resolution.

“We just recently started to ship the NX556 19-inch model and the others are in route for mid-April delivery,” said Richard Goldberg, Naxa Electronics sales and marketing VP. “We are targeting two different channels of distribution with these products — the first is the mobile home, trailer, van, RV and boat conversion companies, and the second is traditional electronics retailers that are still interested in making a profit margin.”

The company is U.S. based and is importing finished goods built to its specifications from Asia.

As for building the Naxa brand, Goldberg said that initially he will be working closely with regional and national distributors to expand Naxa’s presence in the market place and at the same time establish relationships with major regional and national retailers on merchandising programs.

In addition to television, Naxa is already selling MP3/MP4 players, car video and audio products, digital photo frames, home and portable DVD players, and related accessory products.

The company is also contemplating the addition of Wi-Fi-enabled products and mobile HD devices, Goldberg said.