Navteq to use Nokia Data


Chicago - Map-maker Navteq said it will use Nokia GPS data to add to its traffic reports.

Navteq, purchased by Nokia in July last year, also announced that more than 50 million people in the U.S use turn-by-turn navigation directions on a devices such as personal navigation devices (PNDs), cellphones or in-dash car systems.

Navteq said it will include data gathered anonymously from millions of Nokia cellphones in use to enhance its map data and its Navteq traffic service.  The data will expand Navteq's real-time traffic service to include secondary roads in addition to the primary roads it covers now. It will also improve arrival times and route planning on navigation devices using Navteq maps.

TeleAtlas, Navteq's main map competitor, has already imbedded similar data in its maps collected from TomTom GPS devices.

Regarding total users of navigation in the U.S., Navteq said the number has surged passed 50 million and includes more than 9 million embedded in-vehicle navigation systems, more than 30 million PNDs and more than 19 million mobile navigation downloads. 

There are now more than 75 million turn-by-turn navigation users in Europe, said Navteq, which claimed its maps are used by most major car companies by all leading U.S. cellphone providers of navigation service and three of the top four PND vendors.

Navteq said the rise in smartphone navigation apps is helping fuel mass-market adoption of navigation, according to sales executive VP Jeff Mize.


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