Navteq: More Vehicle Models Offering Real-Time Traffic

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Chicago - About 238 vehicle models out of 337 models available in North America offer navigation as standard or optional equipment, and, of those, more than 145 models offer real-time traffic updates as a standard or optional feature, according to



All told, real-time traffic updates are available to 43 percent of all North American car models as a standard or optional service, Navteq said.

Navteq provides digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable and other navigation systems. Its traffic data is used in 133 of the 145 models in which traffic service is available as standard or optional, the company noted.

The number of models offering real-time traffic has been growing since 2004, when Navteq first offered real-time traffic data to vehicle navigation systems, the company said. In 2007, 34 vehicle models offered Navteq Traffic, growing to 66 models in 2008 and more than doubling to 133 models in 2009, the company said.


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