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Navteq Launches New Real-Time Traffic Service

Chicago — Navteq, a leading GPS map provider, has joined with CBS Radio to launch a real-time traffic service for certain GPS devices and PDAs in 42 markets.

The new service, called Navteq Traffic, sends traffic information to GPS products using Radio Data System service. The service will use CBS Radio’s transmission facilities in major metropolitan markets across the country, covering a population of more than 120 million people.

One of the first suppliers to use the new Navteq Traffic service is Magellan, which just introduced three portable GPS that work with the service.

Navteq Traffic information claims it offers “up-to-the minute” traffic flow and traffic incident information.

Navteq runs a 24/7 operations center that monitors and corroborates traffic information pooled from commercial traffic data from Westwood One’s Metro/Shadow, government departments of transportation, police and emergency services, road sensors, cameras and airborne reports

The company also provides real-time traffic for XM Satellite Radio’s NavTraffic service, which is available in 31 markets.