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Navteq: GPS Saves $200/Year

Chicago — Navigation devices can help save over $200 a year on gas, said GPS map maker Navteq.

The company’s proprietary study found that those using navigation devices had a 12 percent increase in fuel efficiency, which translates to a 91-metric-ton decrease in carbon dioxide emissions every year per driver.

The largest reductions were seen for participants using a navigation device with traffic reception during peak commuter travel times.

Navteq said the study was unique because past trials focused mainly on savings when drivers get lost while this research focused on every day driving and use.

In the study conducted in Germany, one-third of the participants were given a navigation device, one-third had no device and one-third had a GPS device with traffic receivers. Those with a GPS device drove shorter distances and spent less time driving than those without, Navteq said.

The study was performed by NuStats and reflects more than 2,100 individual trips and almost 500 hours on the road, said Navteq.